About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.


Expert software Engineers will train students who has enrolled for our software courses and students will get exposed to latest trends and techniques in software development. All the courses are designed by experts who are currently working in this software industry. Students will not only get mentoring from experts, but they will get the opportunity to do projects.

Its sprint based training model helps the students to have better understanding of concepts by doing projects along with training. As we are connected with 80+ IT companies, students will get the unique opportunity to prepare for particular company specific job based on their software developer vacancies.

Learning Management, for accessing and learning materials anytime. They can submit their assignments, clarify their doubts with expert trainers and even take test for companies. Get Trained & Skilled, Prepare for Companies, Take test and Get Hired.

Spectrum believes that knowledge industry provides a unique opportunity to people with a skill set without worrying about their respective locations. This amazing possibility has not been fully actualized due to the lack of proper streamlining of regions.

Who We Are

Spectrum Digital Infocom is one of the leading Digital Marketing & IT Service Providers in South India Manchester – Coimbatore.  Certified experts at Spectrum Digital Infocom are real-time consultants at multinational companies and have more experience in Digital Marketing & IT Services. Our Team Members have Served more than 50 customers and have extensive experience in the digitalize world.


Training Process

Spectrum  has a defined process for training:


Take requirements from companies and convert it into skills, technologies and other parameters.


Go to campuses and assess students from colleges doing B. Tech/ M.C.A./ other computer courses using the BAABTRA PROFILE to see each student’s potential to become programming professionals in terms of their analytical and logical skills as well as familiarity with languages. This tested automated tool allows the company, the candidate and us to understand where this particular person stands and allows us to chart a road map ahead.



Identifies those who are directly employable to the company HR and for others, training is made available to become employable for jobs with similar portfolios.


The training methodology is based on project-based-practice and learning and assessment are highly automated with the options of giving quick feedback and availability of extra materials.