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Spectrum assures you to get a job and maintain a 100% Placement track record. And Spectrum provides mock interviews for placing in top MNC companies for your future.

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Spectrum never disappoint people. Spectrum offers 50% off for students who want a digital marketing course with an internship in the spectrum digital Infocom office. 

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Resume building, mock interviews, recruitment training, and mentorship. Spectrum also guides its students even after they complete the digital marketing course.

Digital Marketing Course Overview

Spectrum’s diploma in digital marketing program prepares you to become a Digital Marketing Specialist by introducing you to all aspects of digital marketing and laying the groundwork for analytics to gain customer insights. To achieve the best results, you will learn how to use the most up-to-date digital marketing and analytics tools.


  • Digital Marketing 
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics
  • Pay per click
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Content Marketing




In recent years, digital marketing growth has been enormous, and digital marketers’ earnings have skyrocketed.



This diploma program at Spectrum’s Digital Marketing training center in Coimbatore combines academic excellence with the best digital marketing training.


We are the only Digital Marketing training center in Coimbatore that provides agency-based Digital Marketing courses.


  • Spectrum has partnerships with multiple organizations and will give you placement options at these organizations. 


  • Spectrum is the only institute that prepares students for interviews and a successful career in the digital marketing business.


  • Our digital marketing training center credential is highly certified and accepted by top-tier organizations all around India

Average Salary for Digital Marketing according to Glassdoor

Salary may be low or high this graph contains only approximate numbers.


Industry Trends

Top recruiting company salaries for freshers to three years experience according to glassdoor


Why Spectrum Digital Training Marketing Center in Coimbatore?

Are you interested in becoming a digital marketer? 

Spectrum Digital marketing training in Coimbatore is ideal for you. Spectrum has a team of expert digital marketers that will deliver hands-on digital marketing training.


Want to place in a job?

We also make it a point to hold monthly previewing to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing. Our digital marketing training center credential is highly certified and accepted by top-tier organizations all around the world.


Offer Process

There are three simple steps to the application process. The selected candidates would be made an offer of admission, which they must accept by paying the admission fee.

Overall Syllabus

Introduction of Digital Marketing

⦁ To better understand the digital marketing field, students must first learn the basics, which spectrum does an excellent job of teaching.

⦁ Realize the importance of digital in traditional marketing media combination tactics.

⦁ Recognize consumer decision journeys, personalities, and consumer minds.

⦁ Learn about the new digital marketing strategy to help you create a digital vision and aim for yourself.

⦁ Developing a balanced digital communication plan that includes both traditional and digital media.

⦁ Promotion Advertising in the Social Media Age

Content Writing

Writing is a skill, and customers must be convinced and influenced to make a purchase or use the services through extraordinary content and useful CTAs. Convincing content is important for lead generation and conversion rate optimization. This Content Writing module will teach you the following skills:

⦁ What exactly is content writing, and how does it benefit your website?

⦁ What exactly is SEO-driven content writing?

⦁ Planning and Content Research

⦁ Keyword analysis and density

⦁ How to Use Keywords in the Right Places in Your Content

⦁ Flow and coherence

⦁ Finding your niche

⦁ Recognizing various online content tools

⦁ Email automation

⦁ Tell Google bout your business ( google my business)

⦁ Creating a powerful social media presence

⦁ Using a variety of social media tools

⦁ Making money from your writing

Search Engine Optimization

Is your website visible in Google search results for targeted users and site visitors?

Discover how to use search engine optimization to achieve results! 

 We developed a 20-step different structure to crack any website or blog and rank it at the top of Google’s search results in the shortest time possible. By the end of this module, you’ll have a good understanding of how SEO (search engine optimization) works and also how you can use that to boost traffic to your website.

⦁ Understand the importance of a technical audit and how to conduct one on your own.

⦁ You must be able to optimize on-page content with the appropriate keywords and page structure.

⦁ Learn what makes a good URL structure and how to influence crawl behavior.

⦁ Locating Great Places to Get Great Links to Your Site

⦁ Create XML sitemaps quickly to better understand content and index rates.

⦁ You should be able to mark up your content with structured data so that it can extract entities.

⦁ While working across multiple websites, you must be able to decide on the best domain strategy, URL structure, content, and keywords.

⦁ Know Link Building Methods and get backlinks from over 30+ high-DA sites for free.

How about if we told you that you could create a website without knowing how to code? You most certainly can. You can do so using WordPress, and Spectrum digital marketing center and website design in Coimbatore will show you how.

Many developers make a good living by doing custom SEO for WordPress and selling them on marketplaces like Fiverr.

WordPress projects can also be taken on by freelance designers and developers, who can earn an extra 10000-20000 per month. This module will teach you how to do SEO for a WordPress website and how to create a source of extra income.

⦁ How to select a domain name and why it is important.

⦁ FInd the Best Web Hosting Service for Your Website

⦁ How to set up a WordPress blog without the assistance of a web developer.

⦁ When you need to set up your WordPress blog, here are ten must-have items.

⦁ To improve your SEO ranking, here are 10 must-have SEO plugins for any WordPress blog.

⦁ How to use the best SEO techniques of 2022 to publish your first blog post.

In case, you like to learn website design and want to be master it you directly enroll in a course in Spectrum website design in Coimbatore and get a 50% discount ( website design course does not come with a digital marketing course).

Mastering Ads

The first step toward becoming a professional Digital Marketer is to master Facebook and Instagram ads. Spectrum is a Top social media marketing company here. This award-winning strategy demonstrates how to align your message and objectives throughout a new customer’s entire digital experience. Our digital marketing course in Coimbatore is well-known for providing effective training in the management of Facebook and Instagram ads. At the same time, it helps you increase conversions while decreasing costs.

⦁ Understand the new customer journey so that you can structure your Facebook ad campaigns correctly for success.

⦁ Create a long-term and scalable Facebook ad campaign that helps generate less expensive traffic, leads, and profits while lowering your chances of having your ad account shut down.

⦁ To avoid increased costs, use Split Tests to determine which ads perform best and optimize for the top-performing ads.

⦁ Promote your business on Instagram. Custom Audiences can be used to target website visitors, Facebook fans, or email subscribers, as well as Lookalike Audiences, which can be used to target people who are similar to your existing customers.

Learn how to use the spectrum incredible framework, as well as a full complement of dedication to the development, to ensure that you’re always running ads that reach the right people and get the results you want. Over the years, Spectrum became one of the Top Social Media Marketing companies team has spent over a million dollars on Google advertisements for customers, and they know what works and how to find those golden keywords. Google Ads might be your company’s greatest effective growth strategy. Everything you need to know is how to execute your campaigns correctly. This lesson will teach you an attempted, sector strategy for driving long-term revenue growth for your company or clients.

⦁ Create your AdWords account from the Scratch up.

⦁ Learn about PPC methods so you can apply the conversion rate in the business.

⦁ Set up lead generation and learn how to track phone calls generated by your website.

⦁ Using Google AdWords, you can track sales, revenue, and form submissions.

⦁ Use competitor reports and customer information in your campaigns.

⦁ Increase your Score and lower your cost per click.

⦁ Be an expert in A/B split testing and targeting. Find the most effective optimization routine.

⦁ Level all types of campaigns – and then you can scale up your campaigns once you’ve achieved a higher ROAS and CPA.

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